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The Scent of Wisteria flower in April – A note of my enlightened Chinese painting Master Wu Shou Gao

Author: Katie Zheng

Master Wu Shou Gao was my old neighbour. His old residence was just a few minutes walk from mine.  I used to go to his art studio to study Chinese traditional painting after school. I remember his residence has a big courtyard, in there we could find a variety of fruits and vegetables and domestic animals such as geese. When I climbed up the wooden stairs to level three, I could find myself in an oriental art studio. Famous Chinese art work hanging on the walls, a big dark wooden desk laying in the middle of room, accompanying most of the space in the room, over the table,  I could often find 2 pots of orchid flowers. Sometimes, I could also find some wide flower samples which were bought  back from an outdoor sketch.. I remember at least once, in order to have a close observation of Wisteria flowers, Master Wu specially arranged a branch of fresh Wisteria flowers to be displayed on the table for the lesson that day.  I was so happy when I first saw these beautiful flowers. They were light purple, when the flowers left from their branches,  they were falling down  just like purple snow, and the whole studio was floating with a fresh gentle scent…the beautiful scene has always been kept in my memory.

Master Wu is highly regarded and renowned for Chinese brushwork painting in my city and also in China. He is a member of the China Artists Association.  His work involves both essential Chinese painting techniques which are ‘Gong – Bi’ (means highly detailed brushwork that delimits details very precisely) and ‘Xie Yi’ (means freehand style).

These two techniques are not so easy to bridge in order to achieve refreshing and yet classical impression.  Some of his work was selected by the Wenzhou Cival government office as official presents for official oversea visits.

Master Wu is a friendly and generous teacher. He has always encouraged me to study Chinese traditional art and has provided me with his invaluable lesson free of charge. I appreciated this and enjoyed his lesson. It is near to April again,  I am starting to miss my hometown and seasons of flower Wisteria. I guess the Wisteria flower is about to blossom soon and I wonder if Master Wu is in good health.

四月紫藤凝香— 我的国画启蒙老师吴绶镐老师






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