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A Tea with Master Hong Zhu An

Author: Katie Zheng

It was much more relaxing and enjoyable to have a conversation with Master Hong Zhu An, when my friend Ms Helen Zhang , a modern artist and myself paid a personal visit to his residence… I remember it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Master Hong was treating us with a pot of delightful Chinese tea (Tie Guanyin铁观音) in his living room, on the ground floor of the villa. It was not a very hot late afternoon, there was a light breeze from the lotus ponds outside the veranda that bought us some fresh air from the open gate and blew up and down of the white light curtain of the glass wall nearby. It was certainly a moment of tranquility in our minds…

I remember that the first time I came to pay attention to his work was due to a brochure of Master Hong’s, which my friend Helen gave to me as a gift. The brochure was so elegantly designed that another friend of mine who works for Italian Art events, almost instantly fell in love with Master Hong’s contemporary Chinese calligraphy and paining work when I showed it to her once in my studio.

Not like others, Master Hong’s mix- medium creative art has got unique voices, melodies and inner lights, awakening us of a secret ‘Zen’ feel. These works look soft in color tones and gentle in forces, when we think of them, they will fill our minds with a sense of beauty and quietness.

Master Hong often likes to experiment in his artwork with a wide range of style and medium, from landscapes to Chinese ink, watercolor to oil, especially on the layout of rice paper(宣纸). He also likes to introduce symbolic forms to his work. For example, dry fish, clear wave, dragons, raindrop trails and just simple lines, Perhaps Master Hong is always missing home, a hometown he originally came from, a watercolor nostalgic of a city from Southern China, with a deep root of his Chinese identity.

Sometimes, when I was walking in between Master’s paintings in the exhibition hall, I could feel sadness, happiness, a timeless journey into the past or to the future of the another world, an awakening heart from noisy current life… these paintings have got voices and motions, as if they are telling us, it is time to treat your heart with true color, it is time we shall listen to our heartbeat rather than being seduced by something actually not really suitable to us, before it is too late.



见面的情景比最初想像的轻松愉快了很多……记得那天阳光明媚,洪祝安老师亲自沏了一壶铁观音招待我们-我和洪老师很欣赏的师妹,女画家张瑞丽女士。夏日清风徐徐,风儿吹卷大厅的落地窗纱,隔着玻璃落地窗,前园的泳池旁的荷花开的正闹。 我最初有想去拜会这位著名的多媒体艺术大师的念头是因为我的一位好友(意大利大使馆文化部的),在我办公室里偶尔翻到一本他的旧画册时顿时惊赞不巳,可以看出她是真心喜爱和欣赏洪老师的反传统的彩墨和书法作品呢。这引起了我的注意。后来在参加洪祝安老师的一次画展上见到了他本人。当时洪老师和其他嘉宾在一起,我就在旁边偷偷地看了这位大艺术家几眼。[偷笑]。嗯,很文雅且有艺术家范儿,但有点严肃[调皮],和今天边喝下午茶边听他回忆他从前如何走上艺术创作之路的身旁的洪老师相比,不敢相信休闲生活中的他是如此风趣幽默,让人感到亲切和自在……对了,洪老师最近会在本月15日在City Hall 的画廊举办他20周年的艺术回顾展(由UOB新加坡大华银行赞助举办),有时间可以一起去看看呀。

味淡而清香,这是看他的画时所能感到内心那份轻盈和静溢之美。在洪老师的画中,可以看到他会运用一些符号(文字、点、线)和朴实浓厚的色彩对比,在层层宣纸上面,描绘和表达他的心境和对生命的领悟……在他的画中,我们可以看到,人生是一次长长的旅行。途中或许道路艰难,或许孤单寂寞、 或许有惊喜,或许在不断自我反思后,慢慢地领悟出更深一层的禅意……这也许是在告诉我们,把浮躁的心静下来、静下来、修身养性、放下傲慢和欲望、放下那些诱惑着我们的、却并不是我们真正想追求的、回到本质。


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